Love the session? Run the session.

Training available through Fit in the Community


Training through Fit in the Community

What makes Fit in the Community so unique is that we’re about so much more than just fitness and activity.

If you enjoy what you’re doing, there’s the opportunity to receive through Fit in the Community to receive FREE courses and training. Who knows? One day this could see you in charge of the courses yourself, even building a career.

All of the training is run through Nottingham City Homes’ Tenant Academy and ranges from training to help you run and lead a particular session, to safeguarding and health and safety training – so you’re fully equipped with everything you need to make your sessions great.

You can also volunteer with Fit in the Community – and help us promote activities that are happening in your neighbourhoods to friends, family and your wider community or lend a hand at some of the sessions to help them run smoothly.

Whatever your interest, we’ll make sure your fully equipped with everything you need and will support you every step of the way.

Call us on 0115 746 9100 to find out more.