Bulwell Forest

Mellish Sports Centre
Kemmel Road,
Highbury Vale,


10 - 11am

Delivered by:

Mellish Sports Centre - 0115 975 4772

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£3.00 per class. 


What is it? 


A circuit class including boxing style stations and techniques where you will learn over eight different punches and movements using focus pads. The workout uses the whole body and the time flies as you work on body movement, agility and momentum.


What happens in a Pad Attack class?


Classes start with a cardio warm-up including light jogging, star jumps, skipping and more, before stretching. Shadow boxing helps you to learn the combinations and refine your technique; then studio circuits really get the blood pumping! In every class you will exercise the major muscle groups of your body.


What do I need to know?


This class is a mixed session that is suitable for people of all levels. Equipment such as gloves and pads will be provided for you. It is recommended to take a bottle of water and a towel.